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  • Img 7519

    Welcome Home !

    Oh dear.. here is a rather sad looking 710M which we have just taken in part exchange. We know DDS 794L pretty well - she was my first Pinzgauer back in 1995 ! It was one of the first 3 imported to the UK from th

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  • Favicon

    Do you have a Rusty Pinzgauer ?

    We have a selection of good used platforms for Pinzgauers available : 716M P93 RHD - 4 available 716M Euro 3 RHD - 1 available 718M P93 RHD - 2 available 712M (front damage, rear very good) - 1 available 712M

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  • Img 7092

    New in for Breaking

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  • Img 6890

    Poor old Polycabs

    Here we have a pair of very poorly polycabs.. They were both hiding in a garden in Edinburgh for 25+ years and although very rusty they are also very complete. One SWB and one LWB. Both have now moved on to new h

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  • Img 6927

    Full to Bursting..

    Oh no.. I think we need a bigger shed.... We are currently struggling to get the door closed with 13 Pinzgauers in stock !!!!!

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  • Img 6091

    Haflinger LSV

    This incredibly rare prototype vehicle was made for the UK MOD by Longline (later became Ricardo), and is thought to be one of two ever made! It is based on a Short Wheel Base Haflinger, and features a special ro

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  • Dsc04071

    Haflinger Restoration

    Progress has been made on the restoration of AEM 513, which was the first Haflinger to come to the UK in 1960 and was used in many of the press articles of the time. We bought this haflinger around 10 years ago,

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  • Dash Board Panels

    Now in Stock!!

    Now in stock - Brand new dash panels for RHD 716/718 Pinzgauers. Replace your old cracked and tired dash board for a shiny new one! 7582810761 - Centre Console RHD 7161810351 - Glove box surround RHD Here a

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  • haflinger

    New Website goes live!!!

    We really hope that you like our new website! Hopefully you will find a lot of useful information within its pages. Check out the portal where you will find lots of Technical information, and our news and gallery

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  • 9010833

    Haflinger Tyres

    Now in stock... New Semperit 165 x 12 tyres. These tyres have the same pattern as the Haflinger tyres which have been unavailable for 20 plus years.

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